Sunday, December 9, 2012

Busy is Good

This has been a great week for Tidy Little Hedgehog! Mom and a sister (or two) had a booth at a Kringle Market at a winery. After a slow, and a little bit concerning, start, they finished the day with a bang! Here are some of the bags they sold. Hopefully, we can reproduce at least a few of these! They were some favorites!
 Love this Crossbody and Wristlet with Amy Butler Cherry Blossoms fabric.

 I have to admit - I'm pretty sad that this one is gone. I wanted it for myself! We will definitely have to make a few more!

 This one is a favorite of Mom's. I can't believe she actually sold it. Another fabric that you will probably see more of!

Ahhh and this one. I made this one and I loved it. It didn't even make it's way to Etsy. I can't wait to make a few more of these bags. They are perfect for traveling, the beach, every day, and make fabulous diaper bags! Definitely wish I'd had one a few years ago!

 Oh, and this beautiful crossbody sold on Etsy! Amy Butler - always the way to go!